About us

Aleksander Regoršek is one of the top Slovenian photographers. Already for two decades, a treasury of memories is being created within his photographic studio Foto Rega, consisting of thousands of portraits, hundreds of weddings, and numerous other events captured for eternity within his photos. Today, together with his wife Natalija, they co-create in one of the principal photographic studios, which is closely tied to the pulse of the entire Maribor community. Their photos have found a home in wider Slovenia and abroad.

By Slovenian and international standards, Foto Rega is above all recognizable for first-class wedding photography, which together with studio and portrait photography, photographing events and products, as well as supplementary photographic services, forms a modern photographic studio. Among its services, Foto Rega is especially distinguished by its unique and handmade wedding books, which in quality and artistic impression are world-class.

Aleksander Regoršek was born in Maribor. Already in early youth, he discovered photography, and ever since has viewed the world through the photographic lens. In 1989, he began his independent journey, and within two decades built a well-established family photographic studio with a broad circle of loyal clients.

The play of light and shadows is something uniquely special to him. A never-ending challenge. To capture life in its contrast, to connect moment to eternity, to show the calm of fortune and joy of expectation. To him photography isn’t only a craft and mastering of technique, but is a never completed artistic challenge, that always searches anew for beauty worthy of record within the small history of his photographs.